You’ve Got To Ring those Bells!

I wrote my first post for Lenore Skenazy’s new foundation Let Grow:

I’m a proud mom, this week.

We were almost home from school the other day when my 9-year-old daughter looked out the car window and spied a boy sitting on the stoop of his house. I suggested that she might want to walk around the corner and say hello when we got home.

Instead of going herself, she took her two sisters – 10 and 7 — with her. Several minutes had passed when the 10-year-old poked her head through the back door asking if they had permission to ring the doorbell of the stranger’s house since the boy was no longer outside. My husband and I agreed, suggesting that they invite the boy outside to play.

About 10 minutes after that the girls were back — with the boy in tow. The four of them had ridden their scooters around and ended up at our place. They all played in the back until it started to rain and the boy scootered home….

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